***********New Cheetah Order***********


Welcome to the nCo, a small, diverse and humble group of wrestling fans dedicated to the strict obeyance of Our Leader, The Dark Cheetah.

The nCo web site is very proud to house the complete collection of Death Valley Driver Video Reviews, the wrestling videotape reviews written by the nCo's stoically-challenged Dean Rasmussen. Taking a missile kick from Shinjiro Ohtani will send you to the main DVDVR page. Or, keep up with Deano's latest inCoherent rambling, featuring the wrestler of the week "The Great Muta" DVDVRs

This web site also houses the complete archives of Ollie & Dean's Monday Workrate Reports, written by the Can-Am connection of Oliver Postlethwaite and Dean Rasmussen. Experience the highs and the lows of the Monday Night Wars by clicking on the logo to the right. workrate

As a true labor of love, The Dark Cheetah has created a page on U.S. independent wrestling promotions. This amazing chart provides data such as web sites, location, show dates and contact info for most every indy promotion in America. Clothesline indy legend Cueball Carmichael now to go to the indy section. indies

The nCo web site is now the exclusive home to the Finishers List. This comprehensive list, started by Curtis Desjardins, specifies the different finishing moves/holds used by various wrestlers. This project is now being maintained by the very capable Scott Lacy. The image of TAKA Michinoku will take you to this list. finishers

From here, you can also access the Takako Inoue Shrine. This site is maintained by her personal slave-boy, the nCo's own Scott Lacy. In case you are not familiar with her, Takako Inoue is a seductive leather-clad vixen, who also happens to be quite an accomplished pro wrestler. Wotta Babe! Paying homage to the image of Miss Inoue here will allow one to visit the shrine. Takako

Among the many hundreds of unique wrestling websites that can be found on the internet, we have selected several which we can most heartily recommend. This does not mean, of course, that we dislike those not listed. This is mainly just a sampling of the useful and entertaining sites that we visit most often. Let the typically airborne Rey Misterio Jr. move you to our wrestling links page. links

If, for some inexplicable reason, you feel compelled to learn more about the individuals who comprise the New Cheetah Order, we have set up an area just for this nefarious purpose. Follow the surly purple cheetah to view nCo member profiles. profiles

Mae no messeeji wa chiita no atarashii dantai ga okuri shimashita.