The Official RSP-W Finishing Moves List 

Send changes, additions, and corrections to Scott Lacy _________________________________________________________________ Copyright This document is compilation copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Curtis Desjardins. It may be freely copied and/or distributed in its entirety as long as this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated into commercial products without the editor's express written permission. It has also been brought to my attention that there are people out there copying this list and then claiming that they did all the work. If you find people basically copying the whole list and not giving credit to the people listed below under Credits, please let me know, and I will take whatever action may be appropriate. Finishing Moves List (from USENET's newsgroup) compiled, edited, and kept by Curtis "Chewbacca" Desjardins ( ) now in the hands of: Scott Lacy ( ) at least until Curtis returns from Korea date created: September 13, 1992 last revised: February 3, 1999 + column 1 is a description of the move + column 2 is for "trademark" names of moves (if any) + column 3 is for the wrestler who uses/used the named move + the named wrestler will have used the move as a finisher exclusively (or most of the time) during one point in their career (emphasis here is used exclusively as a finisher meaning just because a wrestler used a move once, does not make that move a finisher eg. Bret Hart beat Bob Backlund with the Crossface Chickenwing at Wrestlemania 11, but Hart's finisher is still the Sharpshooter) + once used as a finisher, it remains in the list, so some wrestlers may have several entries corresponding to different points in their careers + moves are categorized by how they end, and are qualified by how they are set-up (thus brainbusters are lumped with DDT's) + a number in braces (eg. [2] ) denotes a footnote Credits: + this list is by no means complete, and is constantly under revision with thanks to the following for their insights, suggestions, additions, and changes (hope I didn't forget anybody): Rodrigo Badawy, Jeff Ballew, Scott Baxter, Paul Beneker, Christopher Bird, Jared Brame, Ed Branscom, Clay Breshears, N. R. Busick, Steven Bryze, Bill Comer, Hacksaw Rick Duggan, Craig Giddens, Josh Greenwell, Thomas Grotenhuis, Andrew Hall, James Heath, Sean Helfrich, John Jermanis, Cal Jewell, Mary Kachmanian, Aaron Kuhn, Chris Lang, Bill Milano, Lee Morey, Karen Peixoto, Joe Petrow, Bob Rusbasan, Gerry Saracco, Dave Sawyer, Slick Rick Scaia, Diamond Dave Scherer, Darren Scott, Bill Shorter, Bernard Steger, Mike Sweetser, Zac Unger, Gary Will, Adam Woolcock, and the Million MODO Man Christopher Zimmerman. + In particular, I'd like to extend special thanks to Rev. Ray Duffy, Jason Kreitzer, Herb Kunze, Scott Lacy, Jason Steeves, Hisaharu Tanabe, John D. Williams, and Koji Yamamoto for their extensive help in compiling this document. + And Scott Lacy would like to thank Curtis Desjardins for creating this document in the first place. Description Of Move Move Name Wrestler(s) -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- --------------------- Abdominal Stretch (manji gatame) Abdominal Stretch Tony Garea Octopus Hold [1] Antonio Inoki Octopus Hold Cooly SZ Abdominal Stretch (w/ Chinlock) Stretch Plum Toshiaki Kawada Stretch Plum Plum Mariko Airplane Spin --------------- Dominic Denucci --------------- Dino Bravo --------------- Cap Mike Rotundo Giant Swing [2] Lioness Asuka Airplane Spin, Crucifix Emerald City Twister Oz Airplane Spin, Inverted --------- Mike Enos Armbar (Wakigatamae) --------------- Yoshiaki Fujiwara Payne Killer Maxx Payne --------------- Debbie Malenko --------------- Shinobu Kandori --------------- Osamu Kido Whammy Bar Man Mountain Rock Kunze Armbar Herb Kunze ;-) Armbar, Crucifix (jujigatamae) Crucifix Armbar Antonio Inoki --------------- Nobuhiko Takada --------------- Kazuo Yamazaki --------------- T. Ishizawa --------------- Shinobu Kandori --------------- Gary Albright --------------- Toshiaki Kawada Code Red Sgt. Craig Pittman --------------- Yoshiaki Fujiwara --------------- Yuji Nagata --------------- Steve Blackman --------------- Jerry Flynn Armbar, Crucifix (w/ Neck Submission) Dandina [36] El Dandy Octagon Special Octagon Especial Heavy Metal Cradle Heavy Metal --------------- Brian Pillman Armbar, Ground (w/ Arm Scissors) Rings of Saturn Saturn Armbar, Standing (twist behind back) --------------- Ole Anderson Stepover Armbar Antonio Inoki Armbar, Stepover (w/ Crooked Head) Power Special Power Warrior Strangle Hold Kensuke Sasaki Armbar, Stepover (w/ Rolling Cradle) Dandy Roll El Dandy La Majistral Satoru Asako La Majistral Norio Honaga La Majistral Ultimo Dragon La Majistral Mariko Yoshida La Majistral Emi Motokawa La Majistral Negro Casas La Majistral Al Snow Armbar (w/ Head Scissors) Triangle Hold Shinya Hashimoto Armbar (w/ Trapezius Grip) Igetchasucker Yoshi Kwan Arm Drag, Over-the-shoulder Ipponzeoi Kensuke Sasaki Ipponzeoi Hiromi Yagi Arm Drag, Top Rope Over-the-shoulder Top Rope Ipponzeoi Hiromi Yagi Axe Handle, Double (to the chest) Polish Hammer Ivan Putski Polish Hammer Scott Putski Backbreaker --------------- Antonio Rocca --------------- Jos LeDuc Backbreaker, Gorilla Press --------------- Nikolai Volkoff Backbreaker, Hanging [3] Inverted Body Vice Jesse Ventura Body Breaker Jesse Ventura Cancellation Brian Lee Canadian Backbreaker Tadao Yasuda Gorry Special[13] Gorry Guerrero Gorry Special Eddy Guerrero Gorry Special Black Cat Backbreaker, Horizontal Argentine Backbreaker Antonio Rocca --------------- Hercules Torture/Rebel Rack Lex Luger --------------- Ludvig Borga Reggie Rack Reggie Bennett Argentine Backbreaker Tadao Yasuda Argentine Backbreaker Manabu Nakanishi Backbreaker, Stomach on top of head --------------- Brute Bernard Backbreaker, Twisting [4] Quebradora Con Hilo Any decent luchador --------------- Demolition Crush Tilt-a-whirl Bkbrker Crush Bearhug --------------- Pampero Firpo --------------- Bruno Sammartino --------------- Ivan Koloff --------------- Billy Graham --------------- Tony Atlas --------------- Nikolai Volkoff --------------- Hillbilly Jim --------------- Ken Patera --------------- Mark Henry Bearhug, Belly2Bak Upside Down Bunny Hop Dave Sullivan Body Press, Top-rope Cross --------------- Tony Garea --------------- Kevin Von Erich --------------- Mil Mascaras Cross Body Block Rick Steamboat --------------- Vic Steamboat --------------- Bill Dundee Flying Body Press Bob Holly Air Tokyo Magnum Tokyo -------------- Kevin Pillman Body Press, Top-rope Cross (off partners shoulders) ------------ The Eliminators Body Press, Top-rope Cross w/180 twist --------------- Alex Wright Body Press, Top-rope Vert-Suplex Cross Rockerplex Midnight Rockers --------------- Stars & Stripes --------------- Tekno Team 2000 Body Press, Front --------------- Lou Thesz --------------- Jumbo Tsuruta Thesz Press Tommy Rich Thesz Press Johnny Gunn Steele Trap JungleJim Steele Body Press, Top-rope Front --------------- Juicer Boston Crab, Double Leg --------------- Pedro Morales --------------- Rick Martel Brazos Valley Bkbrker Stan Hansen --------------- Danny Davis --------------- Nicolai Volkoff --------------- Rougeau Bros. Lion Tamer Chris Jericho Quebec Crab Rick Martel Boston Crab, Behind the neck single leg ------------- 1-2-3 Kid Boston Crab, Single Leg --------------- Akira Maeda Boston Crab, Single Leg w/ armlock Tequila Sunrise Konnan Boston Crab, Single Leg (sitting on folded leg) Fuyuki Special II Hiromichi Fuyuki Boston Crab, Single Leg (w/ foot on victim's head) Kawada Crab Toshiaki Kawada Bulldog --------------- Dustin Rhodes --------------- Barry Windham --------------- Kendall Windham --------------- Sam Houston Hallbuster Scott Hall Bulldogging Headlock Rusher Kimura --------------- Wolfie D --------------- Dan Spivey Bulldog, Cross-face Half-Nelson --------------- Bam Bam Bigelow Bulldog, 2nd-rope --------------- Aldo Montoya Bulldog, 3/4 Facelock Ace Crusher Johnny Ace Diamond Cutter Diamond Dallas Page Stone Cold Stunner Steve Austin Wisecrack Jimmy Cicero Pedigree Perfection Hunter Hearst Helmsley Chartbuster Disco Inferno Buh Buh Cutter Buh Buh Ray Dudley The Apocalypse The Disciple The Whippersnapper Mikey Whipwreck Blue Light Special Blue Meanie Bulldog, 3/4 Facelock from Fireman's Carry TKO Marc Mero Hawaiian Crush Maunakea Mossman Bulldog, 3/4 Facelock in midair (assisted) Dudley Death Drop Dudley Brothers Bulldog, 3/4 Facelock in midair (solo) Buh Buh Cutter Buh Buh Ray Dudley Bulldog, Leg Draped Over Neck Rocker Dropper Marty Jannetty Showstopper Marty Jannetty ----------- Billy Gunn Bulldog, 3/4 Running Up Turnbuckles Acid Drop Spike Dudley Bulldog, Standing --------------- Disco Inferno Bulldog, Top-rope --------------- Rick Steiner Bulldog, Top-rope (from shoulders) --------------- Steiners Butt Smash, Leaping Flying Hip Attack Shiro Koshinaka Butt Butt Iceman King Parsons The Bee Sting The Killer Bees Butt Smash, Leaping off Top Rope Diving Hip Attack Shiro Koshinaka Chair, Off The Top Rope 187 New Jack Chicken Wing, Cross Face Crossface Chickenwing Akira Maeda Crossface Chickenwing Nobuhiko Takada Crossface Chickenwing Bob Backlund Chickenwing Facelock Yuji Nagata No Remorse Riggs Norman Conquest Norman Smiley Chicken Wing, Ground Cross Face Buzzkiller Syxx Chin Lock, Hanging Backbreaker The Hangman Butcher Vachon Chin Lock, Reverse Camel Clutch Gori Guerrero Camel Clutch The Sheik Russian Cycle(?) Great Malenko Camel Clutch El Santo Camel Clutch Iron Shiek Camel Clutch Sgt. Slaughter Camel Clutch Hijo del Santo Camel Clutch Jim Neidhart Camel Clutch Zanta Claus Camel Clutch The Sultan Chin Lock, Reverse Elevated Upsidedown Romero Chinlock Chabera Romero Chop, Double Karate --------------- Chief Red Eagle Chop, Karate Tomahawk Chop Wahoo McDaniel Choke, Judo with body scissors (Kata hajime) Tazmission Taz Choke, Judo Shoulder --------------- Svetlana Gundarenko Claw, Armpit Claw The Sheik Claw, Chest Claw Von Erichs Claw, Face El Garfio Pampero Firpo Iron Claw Von Erichs Scorpion Claw Rene Goulet Blackjack Claw Blackjack Mulligan Claw Barry Windham Claw Baron V. Raschke Claw El Gigante Claw Super Shockmaster The Paralyzer Kurrgan Claw, Face Two-handed [24] Cranium Crush Crush Claw, Mouth Mandible Claw Mankind Love Handle Dude Love Claw, Neck Tiger Claw Tiger Jeet Singh Tongan Death Grip Meng Claw, Stomach --------------- Killer Kowalski --------------- Von Erichs --------------- Bruiser Bedlam --------------- The Crusher --------------- Maneater Clothesline Western Lariat Stan Hansen Axe Bomber Hulk Hogan Riki Lariato Riki Choshu Kamikaze Clothesline Mr.Fuji The Axe Larry Hennig 3-Point Stance Jim Duggan --------------- Scott Norton --------------- The Minotaur Russian Sickle Ivan Koloff Russian Sickle Nikita Koloff Lithuanian Sickle Nikita Koloff Lariat Barry Windham Steinerline Rick Steiner Shotgun Lariat Toshiaki Kawada Power Clothesline Ludvig Borga --------------- John Hawk Clothesline from Hell Justin Bradshaw Lariat Kenta Kobashi Clothesline, (after Irish Whip) --------------- Slaughter & Duggan Clothesline, Leaping Lariat Barry Windham Write Off Irwin R. Shyster Shark Attack Shark Clothesline, Leaping (bearhug opponent) Hart Attack Hart Foundation Hart Attack Owen/Anvil Clothesline, Leaping Leg Inazuma Leg Lariat Kengo Kimura ------------------ Shinya Hashimoto Clothesline, Leaping Neckbreaker Running Nkbreaker Drop Giant Baba Running Nkbreaker Drop Mima Shimoda Clothesline, Leaping Neckbreaker (off top rope) Diving Nkbreaker Drop Mitsuharu Misawa Diving Nkbreaker Drop Mima Shimoda Clothesline, Reverse (Enzui Lariat) Boomerang Outback Jack --------------- Stan Hansen --------------- Nikolai Volkoff Clothesline, Ring-rope Hot Shot Eddie Gilbert Stun Gun Steve Austin Clothesline, Top-rope --------------- Butch Reed --------------- Barbarian Air Pillman Brian Pillman Slaughter Cannon Sgt. Slaughter Scud Missile Dark Patriot Patriot Missile [22] The Patriot Neutron Bomb Adam Bomb --------------- R. Warrior Hawk --------------- Manny Villalobos Clothesline, Top-rope(after Irish Whip) --------------- Conquistadors Death from Above Thunder & Lightning Clothesline, Top-rope (off shoulders) Doomsday Device Legion of Doom Wrecking Ball Destruction Crew Double Impact Hell Raisers Sky High Lariat Road Warriors Sky High Lariat Kroffat & Furnas --------------- Bad Breed Clothesline, Top-rope Slingshot Air Pillman Brian Pillman Atom Smasher Adam bomb Clothesline, Top-rope (w/ Bearhug) ------------- Border Patrol Clothesline (w/ football clip) Double Goozle [6] Midnight Express Countout (after Atomic Drop) --------------- Berzerker Countout (after Plancha) --------------- Hakushi Cradle, Rolling --------------- Kenta Kobashi --------------- Manami Toyota Jalapeno Roll Hector Guerrero --------------- Hikari Fukuoka DDT --------------- Jake Roberts[39] --------------- Adrian Adonis --------------- Michael Hayes --------------- Jimmy Garvin Rude Awakening Rick Rude The Winning Move Barry Horowitz --------------- Arn Anderson --------------- Mike Davis --------------- Tommy Dreamer Evenflow DDT Raven DDS Isaac Yankem --------------- Shinya Hashimoto --------------- Sandman DDT, Bearhug Cradle One Eight Seven Konnan DDT, Double Underhook Double-underhook DDT Cactus Jack Kobashi DDT Kenta Kobashi DDT, Double Underhook Behind Back Tomokaze Tommy Rogers --------------- Christian Cage DDT, Double Underhook Vertical Michinoku Driver I Taka Michinoku DDT, Fisherman Suplex Fishermanbuster Jushin Liger Fishermanbuster Shinya Hashimoto Fishermanbuster Shoichi Funaki Pittsburgh Plunge Shane Douglas DDT, Jumping Jumping DDT Shinya Hashimoto Leaping DDT (Implant) Barry Windham Grand Ole Dropre Jeff Jarrett Jumping DDT Gangrel DDT, 2nd Rope Diving -------------- Gran Hamada -------------- Disco Inferno DDT, 2nd Rope Spinning Swinging DDT Super Delfin Swinging DDT Eddy Guerrero Swinging DDT Black Tiger Swinging DDT Iceman Swinging DDT Brian Pillman Tornado DDT Chavo Guerrero Jr Tornado DDT Reckless Youth DDT, 2nd Rope Spinning Reverse ---------------- El Samurai ------------- Super Crazy DDT, Spiked Double Rude Awakening Rude/Fernandez DDT, Springboard Top Rope Swan Dive DDT Shinjiro Otani DDT, Top-rope --------------- Jushin Liger --------------- Shinya Hashimoto DDT, Top-rope (from shoulders) High Angle DDT Steiners DDT, Top-rope Fisherman Suplex Super Fishermanbuster Jushin Liger Super Fishermanbuster Shinya Hashimoto DDT, Top-rope Spinning Tornado DDT Ultimo Dragon DDT, Top-rope Reverse --------------- El Samurai DDT, Top-rope Vertical Suplex --------------- Black Tiger (Guerrero) --------------- Juventud Guerrera --------------- Jushin Liger DDT, Upside-down Facelock [5] Gatorbreaker Skinner --------------- Barry Horowitz --------------- Tex Slazenger Slop Drop Henry Godwinn Slop Drop Phinneus Godwinn --------------- Tony Norris Reverse DDT El Samurai Scorpion Death Drop Crow Sting SST - Severe Skull Trauma Axl Rotten DDT, Vertical Suplex Brainbuster Karl Kox Brainbuster Dick Murdoch Brainbuster (Jammer) Jimmy Garvin Ghostbuster Koko B. Ware Down the Drain T.L. Hopper Suichoku-rakka DDT Shinya Hashimoto Brainbuster Chip Minton DDT, Upside-down Vertical Suplex Facelock Curtain Call Goldust ------------ El Samurai DDT, Vertical Suplex Spike Spiked Brainbuster Austin/Zbyszko Dropkick --------------- Jim Brunzell --------------- Tony Charles Dropkick, In The Corner ------------- Lightning Kid Dropkick, 2nd rope --------------- Curt Hennig Dropkick, Double --------------- R'n'R Express --------------- American Males Dropkick, Double Top-rope --------------- Jumping Bomb Angels --------------- Bagwell/Scorpio Dropkick, Top-rope --------------- Dynamite Kid --------------- Brian Pillman --------------- Owen Hart --------------- Tom Zenk --------------- Doc Dean Dropkick, Top-rope (off shoulders) Heat Seeker Harlem Heat Dropkick, Top-rope (w/ Vert. Suplex) Heat Wave Harlem Heat Ear Buster, Stomach Turning [23] --------------- Vince McMahon --------------- Todd Pettengill --------------- Tony Schiavone --------------- Gene Okerlund --------------- Joey Styles --------------- Dusty Rhodes --------------- Lee Marshall --------------- Larry Zbyszko --------------- Steve McMichael Elbow Drop --------------- Jimmy Valiant --------------- Andre the Giant Sudanese Meat Cleaver Abdullah Butcher Polka Dot Drop Dusty Rhodes --------------- Duke Droese Elbow Drop, Clasped Hands Paesan Elbow Drop Full Blooded Italians Elbow Drop, Running The People's Elbow Rocky Maivia Elbow Drop, Spinning Corkscrew Elbow Buddy Landell Elbow Drop, Top-rope ---------------- Takao Omori Flying Elbow Randy Savage Guillotine Elbow Black Blood Elbow Drop, Top-rope (after Powerslam) The Shitty Elbow Nasty Boys Elbow Drop, Top-rope (backwards) --------------- Ted DiBiase --------------- Genichiro Tenryu --------------- Toshiaki Kawada --------------- Aja Kong Elbow Drop, 2nd-rope (w/ Backbreaker) Decapitation Demolition Elbow Smash Bionic Elbow Dusty Rhodes --------------- Johnny Valentine --------------- Randy Rhodes Elbow Smash, Top-rope [14] Jaw Jacker Tracy Smothers --------------- Louie Spicoli Elbow Smash, (w/ hanging backbreaker) --------------- Wrecking Crew Eye Buster, Stomach Turning One Too Many Sable Mongo Button Steve McMichael Duggan Button Jim Duggan Facebuster, Full Nelson Memory Lane Lenny Lane Facebuster, Sitting ---------------- X-Pac Facelock, Ground (w/ arm scissors) Crippler Crossface Chris Benoit Facelock, Step-over Facelock Mitsuharu Misawa Fist Bolo Punch The Crusher Hands of Stone Ron Garvin Tutti Frutti Johnny B. Badd --------------- Diesel Fist, Chest (w/ victim's arm raised) Heart Punch Stan Stasiak Heart Punch Ox Baker Heart Punch Bill Busick Heart Punch Angelo Mosca Heart Punch John Studd Heart Punch Mark Callas Heart Punch Crush Fist Drop, Top-rope --------------- Marty Janetty --------------- Jerry Lawler --------------- Honky Tonk Man Fist Drop, Double Top-rope --------------- Rockers Fist, Leaping El Paso del Muerte El Matador Fist, Spinning Discus Punch Kerry Von Erich Fist, Spinning Back- Uraken Aja Kong Forearm Smash Ace-is-the-Place Elbow Lex Luger --------------- Iron Mike Sharpe --------------- Prince Kharras Elbow Smash Mitsuharu Misawa Forearm Smash, Leaping Flying Forearm Tito Santana Flying Burrito Manny Fernandez Five-arm Terry Taylor Flying Forearm Tony Stetson Forearm Smash, Leaping (w/ Bearhug) --------------- Allied Powers Forearm Smash, Spinning Rolling Elbow Mitsuharu Misawa Rolling Elbow Masato Tanaka Forearm Smash, Spinning Reverse Reverse Rolling Elbow Mitsuharu Misawa Forearm Smash, Top Rope Diving Elbow Mitsuharu Misawa Frankensteiner --------------- Scott Steiner --------------- Doug Furnas --------------- Sabu Huracanrana Huracan Ramirez Rana Gran Hamada Frankenmikey Mikey Whipwreck Frankensteiner, Somersault Top Rope --------------- Little Dragon Frankensteiner, Spinning Top Rope --------------- Ultimo Dragon Frankensteiner, Springboard Head Scissors --------------- Great Sasuke Frankensteiner, Springboard Top-rope --------------- Rey Misterio Jr --------------- Juventud Guerrera Frankensteiner, Standing Top Rope Super Frankensteiner Chris Jericho --------------- Chris Candido Frankensteiner, Top-rope --------------- [38] Jushin Liger --------------- Sabu --------------- Eddy Guerrero A Badd Day Johnny B. Badd Frankensteiner, Top-rope Head Scissors Diving Huracanrana[38] Rey Misterio Jr Frankensteiner, Top-rope Head Scissors(off partners shoulders) ------------- El Samurai --------------- Guerrero/Barr Frankensteiner, Top-rope Reverse Victory Star Drop Manami Toyota Full Nelson --------------- Hercules --------------- Tony Atlas --------------- BillyJack Haynes --------------- Warlord --------------- Equalizer Full Nelson, Double Chickenwing [35] Rev. Nelson Deathlock Mitsuharu Misawa Full Nelson, Swinging Swinging Neckbreaker Ken Patera --------------- The Pitbull Swinging Neckbreaker Maxx Muscle Hammerlock, Elevated Belly2Back Flying Hammerlock George Steele Hammerlock, Elevated Back2Back Cock o' the Walk Red Rooster Head Butt Coco Butt Bobo Brazil --------------- Skull Murphy Atomic Butt Kintaro Ooki --------------- S.D. Jones Head Butt, Running Stomach Battering Ram Bushwhackers Head Butt, Top-rope Diving Head Butt Dynamite Kid --------------- Harley Race --------------- Missing Link --------------- Bam Bam Bigelow --------------- Boris Zhukov --------------- Barbarian Diving Head Butt Chris Benoit Diving Head Butt Hiroyoshi Tenzan Head, Laptop Computer Over The -------------- York Foundation Head, Tennis Racket to the Back of Ricky Morton's [20] ------------- Jim Cornette Head Spike Head Spike Beverly Brothers Flapjack Midnight Express Kick (to the face) ---------------- Bruiser Brody Kick of Fear Barbarian ---------------- Charlie Norris Kick, Axe Axe Kick Kumiko Maekawa Kick, Crescent Mayawashi Leg Kick Stan Lane Kick, Double (to the face) ---------------- Bruise Brothers Kick, Flying Heel ---------------- Savio Vega Kick, Flying Heel (w/ leg sweep kick) Total Elimination The Eliminators Kick, Groin (opponents legs spread in ropes) Shattered Dreams Goldust Kick, Jumping Front ---------------- Steve Blackman Kick, Jumping High (to head) Jumping High Kick Toshiaki Kawada Kick, Mule ---------------- Rougeau Bros. ---------------- Cousin Junior ---------------- Cousin Luke Kick, Jumping Reverse (Enzuigiri) Enzuigiri Antonio Inoki Ghetto Blaster Bad News Brown Enzuigiri Joey Maggs Kick, Jumping Side (w/ bearhug) ----------------- Harlem Heat Kick, Rolling (abise guiri) Rolling Heel Kick Akira Maeda ----------------- Toshiaki Kawada Kick, Running (to the face) Yakuza Kick Masahiro Chono Running High Kick Toshiaki Kawada Kick, Spinning Savate ---------------- Sakie Hasegawa Kick, Thrust Thrust Kick Great Kabuki Superkick Chris Adams Thrust Kick Kendo Nagasaki Crescent Kick Haku "It's the Big Foot!" Meng [37] Superkick Tom Zenk Sweet Chin Music Shawn Michaels Confederate Kick Dixie Dy-no-mite Super Kick Brian Christopher Thrust Kick Kwang Carribean Kick Savio Vega Cryonic Kick Glacier Stevie Kick Stevie Richards Abuse Of Power Eric Bischoff Kick, Thrust (w/ Football Clip)[6] Double Goozle Midnight Express Kick, Top-rope (opponent on mat) ---------------- Mongolian Stomper Kick, Top-rope Roundhouse (opponent standing) Diving Brain Kick Toshiyo Yamada Feliner Ernest Miller ------- Naohiro Hoshikawa Kick, Top-rope Thrust (opponent stand) ----------------- Akira Taue Knee to the Tailbone Atomic Drop Bob Backlund Knee, Double (to the ribs) --------------- Bushwhackers Knee, Jumping Jumping Knee Jumbo Tsuruta --------------- Bruiser Brody Flying Knee Brutus Beefcake --------------- Johnny Stewart Knee, Running Turnbuckle (opp upsdedn) Tree of Woe Kevin Sullivan Knee, Top-rope (opponent standing) Takako Panic Takako Inoue Destiny Hammer Takako Inoue Knee, Top-rope (to back of head) Bombs Away Ray Stevens --------------- Ivan Koloff --------------- Zodiac Knee Clip Football Clip Brian Pillman Knee Drop --------------- King Kong Brody --------------- Bob Backlund --------------- Bill Dromo --------------- Damien Demento Old Glory Jim Duggan Knee Drop, Top-rope --------------- Mongolian Stomper --------------- Killer Kowalski --------------- Killer Kahn --------------- D. Dallas Page Pitstop Plunge [26] Bob Holly Feeding Frenzy Mark Shrader Knee Drop, Top-rope (w/ Side Slam) --------------- Heavenly Bodies Knee Lift --------------- Mr. Wrestling II --------------- Jake Roberts Knuckle to the Back of the Neck Bull Stabber Cowboy Rocky Lee Knuckle to the Temple Texas Brainbuster Black Jack Lanza Corkscrew John Tolos Atomic Noogie Sgt. Slaughter Leg Drop --------------- Killer Tim Brooks Leg Drop of Doom[tm] Hulk Hogan Hulk-buster [7] Yokozuna --------------- Dave Sullivan --------------- Villano IV --------------- Villano V Leg Drop, (chair on opp. face) Arabian Facebuster Sabu Leg Drop, 2nd-rope Texas Compactor Black Bart Leg Drop, 2nd-rope (w/ Boston Crab) --------------- The Quebecers Leg Drop, 2nd-rope (opp. on top rope) Guillotine Al Snow Springboard Legdrop Unabomb Leg Drop, Stomach Opu Drop Ripper Collins Leg Drop, Top-rope (opponent face-up) Alabama Jam Bobby Eaton Tower of London Earl Rbt. Eaton Guillotine Drop Bull Nakano Guillotine Drop Pegasus Kid Guillotine Drop Devil Masami Guillotine Drop Psicosis Tennessee Jam Brian Christopher Leg Drop, Top-rope (opp face-down) --------------- Lightning Kid Enzui Guillotine Drop Kenta Kobashi Leg Drop, Top-rope (opp. on top-rope) Guillotine Al Snow Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Backflip) Drop The Bomb Too Cold Scorpio Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Bear Hug) Veg-o-matic Midnight Express Veg-o-matic Heavenly Bodies Veg-o-matic Too Much Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Frog Splash) Falling Fate Hardy Boys Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Power Bomb) Stage Dive Headbangers Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Side Slam) Towering Inferno Harlem Heat Sidewinder Smoking Gunns Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Somersault) Rolling Guillotine Drop Bull Nakano Rolling Guillotine Drop Juventud Guerrera Harlem Hangover Booker T Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Somersault & Chair) Atomic Arabian Facebuster Sabu Leg Drop, Top-rope (w/ Somersault & Twist) --------------- Bull Nakano Tumbleweed 2 Cold Scorpio Leg Drop, Top of cage Guillotine Drop Bull Nakano Leglock, Standing Ankle Reverse Heel Hold Akira Maeda Ankle Lock Ken Shamrock Leglock, Ankle Scissors Heel Hold Kiyoshi Tamura Leglock, Boston Crab Grapevine Scorpion Deathlock Masa Saito Scorpion Deathlock Riki Choshu Scorpion Deathlock Chigusa Nagayo Scorpion Sting Reverse Figure-4 Ron Garvin Sharpshooter Bret Hart Sharpshooter Owen Hart Scorpion Leglock Black Cat Leglock, Boston Crab Grapevine (/w bridging chinlock) ----------- Great Muta Leglock, Boston Crab Grapevine (/w arms) Texas Clover Hold Dory Funk Jr. Texas Clover Hold Terry Funk Texas Cloverleaf Dean Malenko Leglock, Cross-Knee Scissors --------------- Wellington Wilkins --------------- Plum Mariko --------------- Takako Inoue Leglock, Figure four --------------- Ric Flair --------------- Eddie Graham --------------- Bobby Shane --------------- Buddy Rogers --------------- Jack Briscoe Powerlock [28] Johnny Powers --------------- Jim Brunzell --------------- Austin Idol --------------- Tully Blanchard --------------- Greg Valentine --------------- Tito Santana --------------- Jeff Jarrett --------------- Keith Hart --------------- Keiji Muto Leglock, Figure Four (sitting on legs) Jailhouse Lock Yoshiaki Yatsu Jailhouse Lock Masa Saito Leglock, Grapevine --------------- Repo Man Leglock, Indian Indian Deathlock Greg Gagne Indian Deathlock Antonio Inoki Levesque Leglock J-P Levesque Leglock, Indian (upside-down) Invertd Indian DeathLok Terra-Rizing Leglock, Inside Toehold [8] Fuller Leglock Ron Fuller Hollywood & Vine Steve Austin Leglock, Standing Figure four Ft. Lauderdale Leglock Steve Regal That's a Wrap Steve Austin ---------------------- Disco Inferno Nagata Lock Yuji Nagata Leglock, Standing Figure 4 (w/ rollup) Gibson Leglock Robert Gibson Leglock, Standing Figure Four into pin Delphin Clutch [27] Super Delphin Leg Sweep, Side Russian ----------------- Brad Armstrong ----------------- Brickhouse Brown Mannequin Head, Blow To Head With -------- Al Snow Neck Breaker, Back2Back Fall-away Rude Awakening Rick Rude --------------- Jake Roberts Savage Neckbreaker John Savage Neck Breaker, Belly2Back Fall-away 9-1-1 Jimmy Garvin Neck Breaker, Belly2Belly Fall-away Novacaine Super Nova Flatliner Kanyon Neck Breaker, Second-rope Somersault Nova Buster Super Nova Buff Blockbuster Marcus Bagwell Neck Breaker, Swinging Spinning Neck Breaker Masked Superstar --------------- Buddy Colt --------------- Bobby Eaton Shake Rattle and Roll Honky Tonk Man --------------- Disco Inferno Palm Thrust Shotay Jushin Liger Shotay Super Delfin Piledriver --------------- Bob Sweetan --------------- Paul Orndorff --------------- Jerry Lawler --------------- Nick Bockwinkle --------------- Bret Hart --------------- Ron Garvin --------------- Shawn Michaels --------------- Eric Embry Attitude Adjustment Lex Luger --------------- Sandman Piledriver (from Backdrop) Backdrop Piledriver Smoking Gunns Piledriver (from Vertical Suplex)[29] Steiner Square Driver Scott Steiner Steiner Screw Driver Scott Steiner Piledriver, After Macarena Macarena Piledriver Disco Inferno Piledriver, Belly2Belly Tombstone Piledriver Dynamite Kid Tombstone Piledriver Tiger Mask (Sayama) Reverse Piledriver [30] Don Muraco --------------- Tiger Chung Lee Reverse Piledriver David Schultz Lightning Strike Lightning Kid Tombstone Undertaker Mongo Spike Steve McMichael Tombstone Belfast Bruiser Tombstone Kane Piledriver, Spinning That's Incredible Justin Credible Piledriver, Belly2Belly Sitting Fuller Effect Rick Fuller Piledriver, Body Slam [10] Northern Lights Bomb Akira Hokuto Arabian Piledriver Sabu Northern Lights Bomb Kensuke Sasaki Snow Plow Al Snow Piledriver, Body Slam Btwn Legs Michinoku Driver II TAKA Michinoku Excalibur KAORU Nutcracker Suite Balls Mahoney Greetings from Asbury Park Bam Bam Bigelow Juvy Driver Juventud Guerrera Nail In The Coffin Vampiro Piledriver, Elevated Back-suplex Backdrop Driver Steve Williams Piledriver, Front-Face Facedriver Col. DeBeers Gourdbuster Ron Bass Trip 2 the Diamnd Mine D Dallas Page Piledriver, Front-Face Dbl Underhook The Pedigree Hunter H.Helmsley The Cure Sick Boy Slapjack Stevie Ray Piledriver, Running Double-underhook Jaguar Driver Jaguar Yokota Piledriver, Second-rope Belly2Belly ----------------- Chris Benoit Piledriver, Sideways Fallaway Slam Death Valley Bomb Etsuko Mita Death Valley Bomb Tatsuhito Takaiwa Death Valley Driver Louie Spiccoli Death Valley Driver Dean Rasmussen Death Valley Driver Saturn Pimpdrop Godfather Piledriver, Sideways Fallaway Slam (from torture rack) Big Dick Driver Big Dick Dudley Piledriver, Spike [14] Spike Piledriver Choshu/Hamaguchi/Yatsu Spike Piledriver Freebirds Spike Piledriver Arn Anderson/Blanchard Spike Piledriver Destruction Crew Piledriver, Top-rope Front-Face --------------- Hack Myers Piledriver, Top-rope Handstand Head-Scissors [9] ----------- Kyoko Inoue Piledriver, Unprotected Dbl Underhook Tiger Driver '91 Mitsuharu Misawa Kudome Driver Megumi Kudo Power Bomb [44] --------------- (Big Van)|Vader ---------------[40] Sid Vicious Atom Smasher Adam Bomb The Cloud Burst Lightning Kid --------------- Super Invader --------------- Reggie Bennett --------------- Mike Awesome --------------- Doug Furnas Jackknife Diesel --------------- Bertha Faye Jackknife Kevin Nash Power Bomb, off apron Sasuke Killer Dos Caras Power Bomb, Fd Power Bomb Terry Gordy Power Bomb Toshiaki Kawada Power Bomb Genichiro Tenryu Power Bomb Chris Benoit Power Bomb, Jp --------------- Terry Gordy Jumping Power Bomb Devil Masami Liger Bomb Jushin Liger Power Driver Suzuka Minami Dynamic Bomb Akira Taue Liger Bomb Juventud Guerrera Putski Bomb Scott Putski Sky High D-Lo Brown Power Bomb, Jp (land on knees) Samurai Bomb El Samurai ------------------ The Patriot ------------------ Konnan ------------------ Blue Panther ------------------ Juventud Guerrera Power Bomb, Running Jp Running Liger Bomb Ultimo Dragon Running Liger Bomb Jushin Liger Power Bomb, Repeating --------------- Devil Masami --------------- Tatsuhito Takaiwa Power Bomb (w/ 2nd rope Neckbreaker) --------------- Norton/Bagwell Power Bomb (w/ Top-rope Legdrop) Stage Dive Headbangers Power Bomb, Abdominal Stretch (arm thru legs) Atom Smasher [32] Adam Bomb Power Bomb, Jp Abdominal Stretch Stretch Bomb Kenta Kobashi Stretch Bomb Mikiko Futagami Power Bomb, Fd Hanging Backbreaker Thunder Fire Powrbomb Atsushi Onita Thunder Fire Powrbomb Kyoko Inoue Thunder Fire Powrbomb Eagle Sawai Thunder Fire Powrbomb Great Sasuke Thunder Fire Powrbomb W*ING Kanemura Gorry Special Bomb Eddy Guerrero Power Bomb, Jp Hanging Backbreaker Niagara Driver Kyoko Inoue Niagara Driver Konnan Power Bomb (from Backdrop) Bubba Spike Big Bubba Rogers ------------------ Faces of Fear Power Bomb (w/ Flying Elbow Drop) Heat Bomb Harlem Heat Side Winder Smoking Gunns Power Bomb (w/ bridge) Jackknife Kenta Kobashi Power Bomb, Jp Back Suplex Screwdriver Tomoko Watanabe Blue Thunder Jun Akiyama Power Bomb, Jp Belly2Belly [46] Rydeen Bomb Satoshi Kojima Power Bomb, Choke Slam Miracle Ecstasy Men's Teioh Power Bomb, Jp Two-Hand Choke --------------- Reese Total Penetration Big Dick Dudley Power Bomb, Jp Crossed Arms Pyramid Driver Yumiko Hotta Power Bomb, Crucifix [11] Diamond Death Drop Diamond Studd Razor's Edge Razor Ramon Outsider Edge Scott Hall Power Bomb, Crucifix off 2nd Rope Super B.T. Bomb Black Tiger Power Bomb, Crucifix (Spike) Reverse Ocean Bomb Kansai & Ozaki Power Bomb, Jp Crucifix [12] Splash Mountain Dynamite Kansai Niagara Driver Konnan B. T. Bomb Black Tiger (Guerrero) Power Bomb, Jp Reverse Crucifix Japanese Ocean Bomb Manami Toyota Power Bomb, Jp Double Underhook Tiger Driver Tiger Mask Tiger Driver Mitsuhara Misawa Tiger Driver Dan Kroffat Tiger Driver Yumiko Hotta Tiger Driver Dean Malenko Pearl River Plunge Ahmed Johnson Power Bomb, Front-face (face first) Face Eraser Vader Power Bomb, Front-face w/ DDT Blue Light Special Meanie & Nova Power Bomb, Jp Gut Wrench Power Bomb Terry Taylor Doctor Bomb Steve Williams Doctor Bomb El Gran Naniwa Dangerous Queen Bomb Akira Hokuto Doctor Bomb Rey Misterio Jr Power Bomb, Spinning Jp Gut Wrench Doctor Bomb El Gran Naniwa Power Bomb, Jp Horizontal Backbreaker Towerhacker Bomb Lioness Asuka Towerhacker Bomb Kyoko Inoue Power Bomb, Slingshot (Facefirst) --------------- Black Blood Power Bomb, Spike --------------- Skyscrapers -------------- Gordy/Williams Power Bomb, Jp Vertical Suplex Orange Bomb Kenta Kobashi Thunder Bomb Thunder Machine Power Bomb, 2nd-rope --------------- Aja Kong --------------- Punish & Crush Super Powerbomb Cooly SZ Superbomb Pitbull Power Bomb, 2nd-rope Crucifix Die Hard Kansai Dynamite Kansai Power Bomb, 2nd-rope Spike --------------- Black Hearts --------------- The Pitbulls Power Bomb, Top-rope --------------- Chris Benoit The Blond Bombshell Chris Candido Kamikaze Awesome Bomb The Gladiator Super Bomb The Pit Bulls Power Bomb, Top-rope Crucifix Super Splash Mountain Dynamite Kansai Rollup, (w/ bridge) --------------- Tim Horner --------------- Bob Backlund Japanese Leg Roll Clutch Tatsumi Fujinami Japanese Leg Roll Clutch Rie Tamada Rollup, Abdominal Stretch Ground Cobra Twist Tatsumi Fujinami --------------- Alex Porteau Scissors, Crooked Head (Twisting) Power Special Kensuke Sasake Senton Banzai Splash Mr. Fuji Senton, Somersault --------------- Hakushi Front Flip Senton Spellbinder Senton, 2nd-rope --------------- E. Carpentier Senton, Top-rope --------------- E. Carpentier --------------- Perro Aguayo --------------- Suzuka Minami --------------- Hakushi Senton Bomb Dick Togo (WWF) --------------- Hiro Saito Senton, Top-rope to floor ---------------- Psicosis Senton, Top-rope Assisted Somersault Slingshot Senton The Quebecers Fantastic Flip Fantastics Drive By Public Enemy Senton, Top-rope Backflip Moonsault Senton Psicosis Senton, Top-rope Somersault Drive By Public Enemy Honour Roll Genius L. Poffo La Cannonball J-Pierre LaFitte Shoulder Breaker, Belly2Back --------------- Papa Shango Shoulder Breaker, Belly2Belly --------------- Bob Roop --------------- Rocky Maivia Shoulder Breaker, Hanging Backbreaker Flashback Scott Norton Shoulder Block Football Tackle Mike Furnas Shoulder Block, Top-rope --------------- Butch Reed Flying Shoulder Attack Masa Chono Scud Missile Dark Patriot Patriot Missile [22] The Patriot Rogers Rocket Tommy Rogers Slam, Airplane Spin Human Frisbee Sid Vicious Twister Slam Oz Al Perez Slam Al Perez Slam, Belly2Belly Bearhug Spinebuster Arn Anderson Sidewalk/Seminole Slam Ron Simmons --------------- Shockmaster --------------- Mantaur Sidewalk Slam Killer Kyle Slam, 2nd Rope Belly2Belly Bearhug Gravedigger Midnight Express Slam, Belly2Belly Bearhug (w/ Kn Drp) --------------- Jacob & Eli Blu Slam, Body --------------- Bruno Sammartino Slam, Body (from Crossface HalfNelson) Corporalizer Corporal Punishment --------------- Cobra --------------- Hammer Slam, Body (from Full Nelson) Full Nelson Buster The Patriot Uncle Slam The Patriot Sincerely Yours Salvadore Sincere The Housequake Tom Brandi Slam, Double Side --------------- Bruise Brothers Slam, Fall-away Airbourne Slam Cpl. Kirchner Samoan Drop Sika Stock Market Crash Mike Wallstreet Write Off Irwin R. Shyster End of the Trail [15] Tatanka Slam, 2nd-rope Fall-away Flatliner Mortis Slam, Fall-away (Forward Somersault) Somersault Slam Max Moon Regal Roll Lord Steven Steamroller Mighty Inoue Slam, Fall-away (w/ Airplane Spin) --------------- Animal Hamaguchi Slam, Front Chest --------------- Berserker Gorilla Slam Butch Reed --------------- Mantaur Slam, Jumping Vertical Suplex Falcon Arrow Hayabusa Saturn Bomb Perry Saturn Slam, Power Thump Slam Junk Yard Dog --------------- Blkjack Mulligan --------------- King King Bundy --------------- Ron Simmons Train Wreck Ice Train --------------- Power Warrior --------------- Sato --------------- Scott Norton Slam, Power from Abdominal Stretch Meltdown Wrath ----------- Test Slam, Power from Vertical Suplex Jackhammer Goldberg Slam, Press (drop opponent) Gorilla Slam Ultimate Warrior Gorilla Slam Tony Atlas Slam, Running Power- --------------- Davey Boy Smith Oklahoma Stampede Steve Williams Slam, Side Sidewalk Slam Mr.Hughes Bossman Slam Big Bossman Spike Slam Guardian Angel Traylor Trash Ray Traylor Slam, Side (Reverse) Side Suplex Dino Bravo Slam, Throat (nodowa otoshi) Nodowa Drop Hiroshi Wajima Nodowa Drop Akira Taue Death Valley Chokeslam Undertaker --------------- Giant Gonzales --------------- Michiyoshi Ohara Bucksnort Blaster Dirty White Boy Choke Slam The Giant Choke Slam Big Dick Dudley Choke Slam Reis Choke Slam Kane Slam, 2nd-rope Throat (nodowa otoshi) --------------- Yasha Kurenai Slam, Top Rope Throat (nodowa otoshi) Avalanche Arm Bomber Takako Inoue Slam, Throat (w/ twist) Golden Arm Bomber [31] Hiroshi Hase --------------- Sakie Hasegawa --------------- Miki Handa Death Penalty Wrath The Rock Bottom Rocky Maivia Slam, Throat (w/ twist and bridge) Blizzard Suplex Takayuki Iizuka Slam, Throat (w/ twist and leg hook) Exploider Jun Akiyama Slam, Twisting Power Tilt-a-Whirl Slam Scott Steiner Trash Compactor Duke Droese Tilt-a-Whirl Slam Brian Adams Slam, Vertical Suplex Power Jackhammer Bill Goldberg Slam, 2nd-rope Power Avalanche Road Warriors ----------------- Aja Kong ----------------- Hikari Fukuoka Slam, 2nd-rope Power (partner onto opponent) --------- Thrillseekers Sleeper --------------- Mark Lewin --------------- Don Curtis --------------- Timothy Geohagen Gagne Sleeper Verne Gagne Weaver Lock Johnny Weaver Weaver Lock [16] Dusty Rhodes --------------- Angelo Mosca --------------- Jay Strongbow Choke Sleeper Antonio Inoki Gagne Sleeper Greg Gagne --------------- Bill Dundee --------------- Chigusa Nagayo --------------- Jake Roberts --------------- Brutus Beefcake --------------- Nick Bockwinkle Choke Sleeper Nailz --------------- Waylon Mercy Castro Sleeper Fidel Sierra You're Outta Here Dale Torborg Sleeper, Carotid Choke Technique CCT Da Mountie The Pinch The Trooper Sleeper, Cross-face Half-Nelson Shinni-nu-maki Toru Tanaka Cobra Sleeper Tiger Jeet Singh Cobra Clutch Sgt. Slaughter Cobra Clutch Don Kernodle Cobra Clutch Ivan Koloff Cobra Masked Superstar Cobra Gama Singh Goodnight Irene Adrian Adonis Shinni-nu-maki Lord Humungous Million Dollar Dream Ted DiBiase Million Dollar Dream Virgil Shinni-nu-maki Mongolian Stomper Million Dollar Dream Ringmaster Cobra Clutch Tiger Khan Sleeper, Cross-face Half-Nelson Spinning Swinging Cobra Clutch Manabu Nakanishi Anvilizer Jim Neidhart Sleeper, Cross-face Half-nelson w/ Russian Leg Sweep ------------ Ted DiBiase Sleeper, Head/Neck Scissors Triangle Hold [25] Kensuke Sasake Sleeper, Upside-down Facelock [17] Dragon Sleeper Tatsumi Fujinami Dragon Sleeper Ultimo Dragon Sleeper, Upside-down Facelock -------------- Dan Severn Splash --------------- Jerry Blackwell --------------- One Man Gang --------------- Uncle Elmer --------------- Typhoon --------------- Kamala --------------- Mantaur --------------- Mark Henry --------------- Chip Minton Splash (landing on opponents Back) --------------- Ultimate Warrior --------------- Kamala Splash, 2nd-rope Vertical Banzai Splash Yokozuna Splash, Assisted (Spike) Hip Hop Drop Men on a Mission Splash, Backflip Standing Moonsault Avatar Standing Moonsault Hector Garza Splash, Double Top-rope Atomic Blond Hollywood Blonds Splash, Press Slam (Assisted) --------------- British Bulldogs Splash, Running Handspring Backflip Handspring Moonsault Hakushi Splash, Running Turnbuckle Atlantic City Avalanche King Kong Bundy Karachi Crunch Makhan Singh Splash, Running Vertical Earthquake Splash Earthquake ----------------- Avalanche Splash, Slingshot [18] Swan Dive Rick Martel --------------- Can-Am Connect'n --------------- Hart Foundation --------------- Bam Bam Bigelow --------------- 2 Cold Scorpio Splash, Slingshot w/ 180 --------------- Johnny B. Badd Splash, Slingshot 2nd-rope Vader Bomb (Big Van) Vader Splash, Tilt-a-Whirl --------------- PG-13 Splash, Top-rope Superfly Splash Jimmy Snuka Superfly Splash Siva Afa --------------- Headshrinkers 747 One Man Gang Air Kamala Kamala Broken Record P.N.News --------------- Paul Roma --------------- Brazo de Plata --------------- Owen Hart --------------- Art Barr --------------- Boo Bradley --------------- Eddy Guerrero Pitstop Plunge [26] Bob Holly "Jump while I pose" Headshrinkers Renegade Splash Renegade Samoan Splash Fatu Amazon Press Reggie Bennett Money Shot Val Venis Splash, Top-rope (after Superplex) Power and Glory Power and Glory Super Splash Guerrero/Barr Splash, Top-rope (assisted) Rocket Launcher Midnight Express Fantastic Rkt Launcher Fantastics Rocket Launcher New Foundation Atomic Blond Hollywood Blonds Splash, Top-rope (off shoulders) --------------- Diesel/Michaels Splash, Top-rope (off prtr on TR) --------------- Spike & Buh Buh Dudley Splash, Top-rope Slingshot Backflip Slingshot Moonsault Sabu Split-Leg Moonsault Rob Van Dam Hollywood Star Press Rob Van Dam Splash, Top-rope Backdrop Northrn Lghts Suprplex Aja Kong Splash, Top-rope Backflip Moonsault Lanny Poffo Moonsault Keiji Muto Moonsault Great Muta Moonsault Kenta Kobashi Moonsault Blue Blazer Moonsault Jimmy Del Rey Moonsault Hikari Fukuoka Asylum Moonsault Sabu Megahertz Moonsault High Voltage Moonsault 1-2-3 Kid No Laughing Matter Hugh Morrus Merosault Marc Mero Meaniesault Blue Meanie Moonsault Billy Black Moonsault Great Sasuke Splash, Top-rope Bkflip (facing ring) Shooting Star Press Jushin Liger Comotizer Bert Como Wild Thing Marc Mero Marvelocity Marc Mero Shooting Star Press Hayabusa Shooting Star Press Billy Kidman Seven Year Itch Kidman Splash, Top-rope Backflip (w/ corkscrew) Skytwister Press Chapparita Asari Skytwister Press La Parka Splash, Top-reop Backflip (w/ chair) ---------- J.T. Smith Splash, Top-rope (w/ 180 degree spin) --------------- Jimmy Snuka --------------- Bison Kimura Splash, Top-rope (w/ somersault) Diss That Don't Miss 2 Cold Scorpio 450 Splash Juventud Guerrera 450 Splash John Kronus Stardust Press Hayabusa Splash, Top-rope (w/ tuck) Diving Body Attack Mitsuharu Misawa Nuclear Plancha Art Barr Frog Splash Eddy Guerrero The Lo-Down D-Lo Brown Frog Splash Rob Van Dam Crazy Splash Shimo Nobunaga Splash, Second-rope Vertical Banzai Drop Yokozuna Splash, Top-rope Vertical Cannonball Tony Parisi Cannonball Brooklyn Brawler Northern Exposure Big Josh Whoopee Cushion Doink Splash, Vertical --------------- Norman the Lunatic Trip to the Batcave Bastion Booger Stomp, Two-Foot Stomach Double Stomp Kevin Sullivan --------------- Perro Aguayo Stomp, 2-Foot Top-rope Backflp Stomach Moonsault Footstomp Hikari Fukuoka Stomp, 2-Foot Top-rope Stomach Foot Stamp Kaoru Itoh --------------- Perro Aguayo Stump Puller [19] Stump Puller Big Bully Busick Stump Puller Doink Herb Headlock Herb Kunze ;-) Sunset Flip, Top-rope Moonset Flip Paul Roma -------------- Johnny B. Badd Suplex, Belly2Back (w/ Cradle) --------------- Bull Nakano Suplex, Belly2Back (onto neck/head) Dangerous Backdrop Steve Williams Dangerous Backdrop Toshiaki Kawada Dangerous Backdrop Aja Kong Dangerous Backdrop Dynamite Kansai Suplex, Belly2Back Chicken Wing Tiger Suplex Tiger Mask 2-4 Tiger Suplex Mima Shimoda Tiger Suplex Koji Kanemoto Tiger Suplex Great Sasuke Tiger Suplex Ultimo Dragon Suplex, Belly2Bak Cross-arm Chicken Wing Japanese Ocean Suplex Manami Toyota Suplex, Up-dwn Bel2Bak (w/Bridge)[13] Rvrsd Gorry Special Bmb Toshiyo Yamada Rvrsd Gorry Special Bmb Megumi Kudo Suplex, Belly2Bak (w/ chokeslam) Seikigun Special Kawada & Taue Suplex, Belly2Bak Crossed Arms Straightjacket Suplex Yumiko Hotta Straightjacket Suplex Manami Toyota Aztecan Suplex Jaguar Yokota Aztecan Suplex Yoshihiro Asai Aztecan Suplex Ultimo Dragon --------------- Michiko Nagashima Suplex, Belly2Bak Crossed Arms (on-shoulders) Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex Manami Toyota Suplex, Belly2Bak CrossFace Chknwing Crossface German Suplex Akira Hokuto Crossface German Suplex Kyoko Inoue Crossface German Suplex Mayumi Ozaki Suplex, Belly2Bak CrossFace HalfNelson Cobra Clutch Suplex Johnny Ace Cobra Clutch Suplex Dan Kroffat Suplex, Belly2Bak Double Hammerlock --------------- Jaguar Yokota Suplex, Belly2Bak Folded Leg (w/ bridge) Jaguar's Back Drop Jaguar Yokota Violent Green Hold Carol Midori Suplex, Belly2Bak Full Nelson Dragon Suplex Tatsumi Fujinami Dragon Suplex Chris Benoit Dragon Suplex Ultimo Dragon Dragon Suplex Shinjiro Ohtani Dragon Suplex Akira Nogami Dragon Suplex Gary Albright Dragon Suplex Juventud Guerrera Dragon Suplex Sumo Fuji Dragon Suplex Yoshihiro Tajiri Suplex, Belly2Bak Half Nelson Taz-Plex Tazmaniac Suplex, Belly2Bak HalfNelsn/Hammrlock Tequila Sunrise Mayumi Ozaki Tiger Suplex '85 Mitsuharu Misawa Suplex, Belly2Bak Waistlock German Suplex Karl Gotch German Suplex Antonio Inoki German Suplex Tatsumi Fujinami German Suplex Riki Choshu German Suplex Jumbo Tsuruta German Suplex Tiger Mask 1 German Suplex Big Josh German Suplex Alundra Blayze German Suplex Alex Wright Suplex, Belly2Bak Waistlock Slingshot ---------------- Juventud Guerrera Suplex, Belly2Bak Waistlock 180 ---------------- Doug Furnas Suplex, Belly2Bak Waistlock Floatover Locomotion German Suplex Candy Okutsu Locomotion German Suplex Tsuyoshi Kikuchi Locomotion German Suplex Chris Benoit Suplex, Belly2Bak Waistlock (w/ floating bridge) Monkey Magic Suplex Super Delfin Suplex, Belly2Bak Waistlock (w/ Thrust Kick) ---------- Badd Company --------------- Orient Express Suplex, Belly2Bak Waistlock (w/ twist) Saito Suplex Masa Saito Backdrop Jumbo Tsuruta Backdrop Masa Fuchi Suplex, Belly2Belly --------------- Magnum TA --------------- Shane Douglas --------------- Mabel Frontal Suplex Gary Albright --------------- Ken Shamrock Suplex, Belly2Belly Top-rope --------------- Rick Steiner Suplex, Reverse Full Nelson --------------- Manami Toyota Suplex, Belly2Belly Vertical w/ Bridge Northern Lights Suplex Hiroshi Hase --------------- Owen Hart Northern Lights Suplex Debbie Malenko Winnerplex Barry Horowitz Northern Lights Suplex Bobby Blaze --------------- Chico Caballo Bridging Suplex Frank Anderson Northern Lights Suplex Rad Radford Northern Lights Suplex Osamu Nishimura Northern Lights Suplex Jun Akiyama Northern Lights Suplex Prince Iaukea Suplex, Belly2Belly Vertical w/ Bridge and Hammerlock Machine Windmill Suplex Junji Hirata Suplex, Belly2Belly Vertical w/ Bridge (after Top-rope Dropkick) --------- Holly/123 Kid Suplex, Double-underhook (chickenwing) Butterfly Suplex Steve Regal Double-arm Suplex Billy Robinson Butterfly Suplex Mike Rotundo Suplex, Double-underhook floatover Locomotion Double-Arm Suplex Sakie Hasegawa Suplex, Dbl Vertical Forward Double Gourdbuster Anderson/Blanchrd Suplex, Fisherman Cradle Suplex Harley Race Perfectplex Curt Hennig Yellowjacket Suplex Marcus Bagwell --------------- Anthony Michaels --------------- Kentaro Shiga --------------- Kuniaki Kobyashi Final Exam Dean Douglas Hennigplex Curt Hennig Suplex, Over-the-Head Body Slam Cradle Blockbuster Suplex Bison Kimura Blockbuster Hold Takayuki Iizuka Blockbuster Hold Keiko Iwame Blockbuster Suplex Scott Steiner Blockbuster Hold Masao Inoue Suplex, Side --------------- Kurrgan The Interrogator --------------- Dino Bravo --------------- Big Titan Suplex, Slingshot Slingshot Suplex Tully Blanchard Hammer Rocks Van Hammer Suplex, Top-rope Superplex Bob Orton, Jr Superplex Scott Irwin Superplex Dynamite Kid Superplex Barry Windham Superplex Widowmaker Superplex Super Destroyer Superplex Lex Luger Suicide-plex Chris Candido Superplex Skip Bodydonna Superplex Lynn Denton Suplex, Top-rope Belly2Bak --------------- Dynamite Kid Super Backdrop Chris Benoit --------------- Naoki Sano Suplex, Top-rope Double Belly2Bak 180 --------------- Toyota/Yamada Suplex, Top-rope Belly2Belly --------------- Rick Steiner Suplex, Top-rope Chickenwing Death Lake Driver Mima Shimoda Suplex, Top-rope Fisherman --------------- [34] Mike Modest Suplex, Top-rope Gut Wrench ----------------- Dynamite Kid ----------------- Chris Benoit Suplex, Vertical ----------- Horace Hogan Suplex, Vertical Face-first Face-first Suplex One Man Gang Gourdbuster Arn Anderson Wallapalooza Man Mountain Rock Facebuster Gorgeous George III Curtain Call Goldust Thumb to the Throat Oriental Spike[41] Terry Gordy Golden Spike Kevin Sullivan Asiatic Spike The Executioner Asian Spike Don Muraco Oriental Tool Punch[41] Brian Adias --------------- Killer Khan Ice Pick Glacier Tights, Handful of [21] --------------- Ric Flair Toe-Hold, Double Stepover (w/chinlock) Spidernest Kyoko Inoue Toe-Hold, Spinning --------------- Ted Dibiase --------------- Dory Funk Jr. --------------- Terry Funk --------------- Al Perez Toe-Hold, Stepover (w/chinlock) --------------- Kama Toe-Hold, Stepover (w/ Chinlock & Armbar) Regal Stretch Steve Regal Toe-Hold, Stepover (w/ Facelock) STF Masahiro Chono STF Debbie Malenko STF Erik Watts Penalty Irwin R. Shyster Toe-Hold, Upside-dwn Stepovr w/Sleeper Reverse STF Hiroshi Hase Turnbuckle Smash Snake Eyes Vinnie Vegas Wristlock, Quarter-Nelson Breaker One-Nine Blacktop Bully [1] Abdominal Stretch (manji gatame) Abdominal Stretch Antonio Inoki The Octopus is really just a variation of a traditional abdominal stretch (I just didn't know how to describe it in Column 1). Stand to the left of your opponent, grapevine his left leg with your right leg, bend his body to the left (as with an abdominal stretch), hook your left leg over his head, and wrap your arms around his chest, grasping your hands together. If executed right, not one part of your body should be touching the ground (you'll look like a spider clinging to your opponent's back) [2] Airplane Spin Giant Swing Lioness Asuka The Giant Swing isn't really an airplane spin, but is a close relative. Grab your opponent's legs as if to apply a boston crab, but instead of turning them over, spin around and around, swinging them thru the air. [3] Backbreaker, Hanging Inverted Body Vice Jesse Ventura The hanging backbreaker is applied from a piledriver set-up position. Jesse Ventura called the move the "Body Breaker" while he wrestled, and the "Inverted Body Vice" once he took up color commentary, but your mileage may vary. [4] Backbreaker, Twisting --------------- Demolition Crush Although Demolition Crush used the usual Demolition finisher when in tag matches, he did use the twisting (tilt-a-whirl) backbreaker in singles matches. And we all know that Demolition Crush isn't the same guy as Bruddah Crrrrrrush (aka Kona Crush). For one thing, where's his Hawaiian accent? ;-) [5] DDT, Upside-down Facelock Gator-buster Skinner The opponent is grabbed from behind (sort of a front facelock, except it's not from the front, if that makes any sense). The opponent is looking up at the lights with his nose in your armpit. Fall back and drop him on his head. [6] Clothesline (w/ football clip) Double Goozle Midnight Express Two of the Midnight's many finishers. The football clip from behind, and the thrust kick to the head from the front are simultaneous. [7] Leg Drop Hulk-buster Yokozuna This is just a joke. This move is in reference to the "Legdrop Heard 'Round the World" when Yokozuna used it to pin Hogan cleanly at King of the Ring '93. [8] Leglock, Inside Toehold Fuller Leglock Ron Fuller This move is basically impossible to describe, but let me try by saying it is a shin grapevine in combination with an achilles tendon hold. [9] Piledriver, Top-rope Handstand Head-Scissors [9] Kyoko Inoue This one I haven't seen. The opponent is sitting on the top-rope (a la superplex). Kyoko does a handstand, putting a head scissors on the opponent, then uses her legs to piledrive the opponent off the ropes. [10] Piledriver, Body Slam Northern Lights Bomb Akira Hokuto Pick up your opponent in a body slam position, and instead of slamming them, drop down and drive their shoulders/neck into the mat. This can and does look brutal if done right. (But then it _is_ Akira) [11] Power Bomb, Crucifix Razor's Edge Razor Ramon Despite the debate RSP-W had a while back, it looks more like a powerbomb variation to me than it does a suplex or a slam. It is setup like a hanging backbreaker (lifted higher onto the back), and you fall forward, driving your opponent into the mat. [12] Power Bomb, Crucifix (Vertical) Tsutenkaku Special Dynamite Kansai This is as above in [11], except instead of falling forward with your opponent, you drop them straight down into a more traditional power bomb. Kansai used to call this the Tsutenkaku Special, but through many uses, and the fact that she also used the Splash Mountain finisher (aka Razor's Edge), this move also came to be known as Splash Mountain [13] Backbreaker, Hanging Gorry Special Gorry Guerrero [13] Backbreaker, Hanging Gorry Special Eddy Guerrero [13] Power Bomb, Hanging Backbreaker Gorry Special Bomb Eddy Guerrero [13] Suplex, Upsd-dwn Bel2Bak(w/Bridge) Rvrsd Gorry Special Bmb T. Yamada These 4 moves use the basis set-up, so I'll explain all 4 here. With the G.Special, it's like a hanging backbreaker except the opponent's legs are "grapevined" in front of you (sorta looks like you've got him in a backbreaker and a boston crab all at once). The G.Special Bomb is the same as the G.Special, except you drop the opponent in a "powerbomb". The Reversed G.Special Bomb is as the G.Special Bomb except the opponent is upside down (their legs are over your shoulders, and held in front of you, arms held in a "chickenwing" type armlock) before they are dropped in powerbomb fashion. [14] Piledriver, Spike Spike Piledriver Brainbusters [14] Elbow Smash, Top-rope Jaw Jacker Tracy Smothers Someone said that the Midnight Express also used the Spike Piledriver as a finisher, calling it the Gravedigger, as well as a Double Top-rope Elbow Smash, calling it the Ping Pong. I want to discount these claims if only because I followed the Midnights for much of their career, and have never heard of the alleged "Gravedigger" and "Ping Pong" finishers. If anyone can confirm either one, let me know. [15] Slam, Fall-away Airbourne Slam Cpl. Kirchner Bobby Heenan was the first to call the move the Papoose-to-go. All of RSP-W thought it was joke until Vince McMahon used the term only months later. However, Stan Lane called the move the Renegade Drop until Tatanka ended all doubts by naming it "The End of the Trail" after selling out to Ted DiBiase. [16] Sleeper Weaver Lock Dusty Rhodes Sean Helfrich: "There was a brief time in the mid-80's when Big Dust was using the deadly Weaver Lock against the 4 Horsemen. Dusty claimed he was taught by Johnny Weaver himself." [17] Sleeper, Upside-down Facelock Dragon Sleeper Tatsumi Fujinami Do the reverse DDT from [5], placing each arm through the opponent's armpits, clasp your hands behind your opponents back, then start squeezing. [18] Splash, Slingshot Swan Dive Rick Martel Your opponent is in the ring laying down by the ropes, you are on the apron outside the ring. Grab the ropes, lean back, and slingshot yourself into the ring and onto your opponent. [19] Stump Puller Stump Puller Big Bully Busick The opponent's sitting down. You come from behind, sit on the back of his neck, then grab both oppontent's legs and pull. Herb's explanation of the hold has something to do with getting an erection and pressure to the back of the neck, or some such nonsense. ;-) [20] Head, Tennis Racket to the Back of Ricky Morton's Jim Cornette It's been used often enough, it may as well be on this list (Thanks Andrew! ;-) [21] Tights, Handful of --------------- Ric Flair Ibid. [22] Clothesline, Top-rope Patriot Missle The Patriot [22] Shoulder Block, Top-rope Patriot Missle The Patriot I've only seen the top-rope clothesline called the Patriot Missle, while others have said it was a top-rope shoulder block. No one can say when he switched from one to the other, but they were both the Patriot Missle. [23] Ear Buster, Stomach Turning --------------- Vince McMahon Thanks to Craig Giddens for this one! [24] Claw, Face Two-handed Compactor/Head Vise Crush Also known as the Achy Breaky Head, according to my brother Aaron. [25] Sleeper, Head/Neck Scissors Triangle Hold Kensuke Sasake I think this is also called the Strangle Hold Gamma in Japan, but I've been told there are subtle differences between them. If anyone can enlighten me further, please feel free. [26] Knee Drop, Top-rope Pitstop Plunge Bob Holly [26] Splash, Top-rope Pitstop Plunge Bob Holly Thurman "Sparky" Plugg/Bob "Spark Plug" Holly has had 2 finishers: the top- rope splash, and the top-rope knee drop. Stan Lane has referred to both moves as the Overhead Cam. Later, Stan was in the mood to change the name to the Pitstop Plunge, referring to either or both moves again. But then Holly may have just screwed up the moves so that it looks like either one on a given day. Is it a knee drop or a splash? Who cares. Stan refers to both as the Pitstop Plunge. But then again, the only ones worse than Stan for commentary are Tony "Armdrag and Twist" Schiavone and Dusty "It looks like some sort of flippity-floppity type manouever" Rhodes. As an aside, in SMW, Hollywood Bob Holly's finisher was a Top-rope knee drop. [27] Leglock, Standing Figure 4 /w pin Delphin Clutch Super Delphin This was described to me as a sort-of standing figure four. You apply the scorpion onto your opponent, but instead of flipping him over, you kneel down and lean over, pinning him to the mat. Sort of. [28] Leglock, Figure Four Powerlock Johnny Powers Also known as the Figure-8 Leglock, cause it hurts twice as bad as the Figure-4. [29] Piledriver (from Verticle Suplex) Steiner Square Driver Scott Steiner This has been called the Pileplex here in N. America, but Scott doesn't use it as a finisher here. In Japan, where he's used the move to cover opponents, it is called the Steiner Square Driver. Why `Square'? Maybe you can explain it to me, cause I ain't got a clue. Also called the Steiner Death Drop. [30] Piledriver, Belly2Belly Reverse Piledriver Don Muraco Also known as the "This one's for Jesse the Body" Piledriver. [31] Slam, Throat (w/ twist) Golden Arm Bomber Hiroshi Hase Where did the term "Golden Arm Bomber" come from? I've been told that this may be a "Meltzerism". As far as I know, only the terms Nodowa and Uranage are used. [32] Power Bomb, Abdominal Stretch Atom Smasher Adam Bomb Adam Bomb had to change finishers once Diesel started using the Jackknife powerbomb, so he ever-so-briefly used the stretch bomb, and strangely calling it the Atom Smasher, the same name as his powerbomb [34] Suplex, Top-rope Fisherman --------------- Mike Modest This is not the same as Jushin Liger's Super Fishermanbuster. The SFbuster is basically a top-rope gourdbuster while hooking the leg. Modest's move is a cradle suplex from the top-rope. [35] Full Nelson, Double Chickenwing Rev. Nelson Deathlock Mitsuharu Misawa Scott Lacy: "[...] it looks kinda like a Tigerdriver set-up, but instead of the arms being clasped in a double-arm suplexish fashion, they're clasped behind the victim's head, pushing it downwards." [36] Armbar, Crucifix (w/ Neck Sumbission) Dandina El Dandy to describe this one. Basically, put your opponent into a crucifix, and with the leg nearest your opponents neck, force his head down such that his chin is touching his chest. So, in other words, the move is a surfboard submission from a crucifix position with a neck submission thrown in for good measure. [37] Kick, Thrust "It's the Big Foot!" Meng This is the only thing Tony "Armdrag and Twist" Schiavone shouts when Meng hits it. [38] Frankensteiner, Top-rope ---------- Jushin Liger [38] Frankensteiner, Top-rope Head Scissors Diving Huracanrana Rey Misterio Jr These two moves are not the same. Liger sits his opponent on the top rope (a la superplex), leaps up and Frankensteiner's him to the mat. Rey on the other hand just leaps from the top-rope onto a standing opponent, using a flying head scissors to execute his Frankensteiner. [39] DDT ---------- Jake Roberts When asked what the initials "DDT" stood for, Jake simply said, "The End". [40] Power Bomb ---------- Sid Vicious Wade Keller has referred to Sid's powerbomb as a "drop bomb", as there's very little power put into it. Diesel's Jacknife, and Vader's recent powerbombs may also be categorized as drop bombs. [41] Thumb to the Throat Oriental Spike[41] Terry Gordy Oriental Tool Punch[41] Brian Adias Ray Duffy: "The Oriental Spike is basically, drive your thumb into someone's neck and hold it there for the submission [...] Supposedly, the Tool Punch was to take your thumb, swing at someone and hit them in the neck like a nerve strike." [43] Splash, Top-rope Slingshot Backflip Split-Leg Moonsault Rob Van Dam In All Japan, this move is called the Hollywood Star Press. [44] Power Bomb Starting with the February 1998 revision of the list, I have decided to split the Power Bomb up into several categories, since there are several varieties of the "basic" power bomb. The "regular" power bomb I will define as being the basic "Pick 'em up and throw 'em down" variety, a la Sid or Kevin Nash. The "jumping" power bomb I will define as being a power bomb where the person executing the move jumps as he brings the victim down, landing on his posterior. Jushin Liger's Liger Bomb is the classic example of this. The "folding" power bomb is defined as a basic power bomb, but the wrestler rolls the power bomb into a pin attempt by holding onto the victim's legs and leaning down on top of them (folding them). [45] Bulldog, Top-rope (from shoulders) --------------- Steiners In New Japan, this move is called the Manhattan Bulldog. [46] Power Bomb, Jumping Belly2Belly Rydeen Bomb Satoshi Kojima Visually looks like a spinebuster dropped into a power bomb.

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