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Masked Luchdore Hellboy vs Frankenstein

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Steve Yohe

Joined: 01 Aug 2006
Posts: 3125
Location: Wonderful Montebello CA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:59 am    Post subject: Masked Luchdore Hellboy vs Frankenstein Reply with quote

Today, walking around in a bookstore, I found the greatest comic book published in 25 years. It's a Hellboy book written by Mike Mignola & with art by Richard Corben. Yes Corben the greatest comic book artist left on the planet earth. It's called HELLBOY: HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD. Nov. 2011

It has Hellboy wrestling as a luchadore in Mexico. Well to start the story from the beginning, Hellboy was sent to Mexico in 1956 to investigate mass murders. He met three brothers. I would think they were Cien Caras & the other two dynamite brothers. The three brothers had quit wrestling because the virgin Mary had come to them and asked them to fight monsters.

So you know Hellboy liked them and they become drinking buddy's. You know like Rogers & Billy Darnell...or Bruiser & Wilbur Snyder. He began teaming up with the brothers & learned to work matches. (his finishing move is a german did Hellboy invent the german supex in Mexico??) Then Cien Caras, or whoever it is (he has a mask on), gets caught out side the arena & got bitten by vampires. He becomes a mask vampire/wolfman luchador named Camazotz. Hellboy, billed as masked El Monstruos, wrestled him in Arena Mexico and killed him.

Hellboy didn't feel good about it, and the for 5 months following, couldn't remember anything. What happened is.... Hellboy stayed a drunk and wrestled around the country under a mask.

In 1956, while the FBI was busy investigating the NWA, a man came to Hellboy & told him he had to fight someone...and offered him $500. Hellboy said it was too much money & refused. The man then offered $1,000...Hellboy said that was worst & refused. Then the man showed him a photo of a women with a knife pointed at her neck. He said she was to be killed if Hellboy refused the Hellboy had to wrestle.

The man drives Hellboy to an old house...but a big old house. Inside he finds an evil Mexican Doctor & a hunchback midget named Tupo..with the poor Mexican girl. There is dead body's everywhere in this old lab. This evil Mexican Doctor tells Hellboy, he has to wrestle his creation and the winner of the "shoot" gets the girl. The creation, standing in a wrestling ring, turns out to be the Frankenstein Monster. Drawn by Corben, the monster looks like Boris...but he has electrodes coming out of his boobs, and his neck & head & everywhere else. After being charged by electricity, the monster comes after Hellboy....and Hellboy hits Frankenstein with four powerful blows..crushing Frank's face...turning it into a bloody mess. Hard way!! Frank then throws Hellboy across the ring & the demon spins around corner post & hit Frank with a dropkick (looked like a cool show move). Frankenstein then kicks Hellboys butt. (a 5 star *****...the only 5 star match in comic book history....Superman vs Antonino Rocca was ** 1/4...and Ali vs Superman was just ***)

It looks like Hellboy was doing the job, but Frank, the good guy he really is...inside....turns on his corner and picks up Tupo & tears him apart. The place starts falling apart & Hellboy goes looking for the girl. Then devils, wolfmen and even Count Dracula shows up. It like a sequel to THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

I can tell you any more! It's great. A Richard Corben Hellboy better than DEN...or Den 2...or 3. Well at least an equal. The end has everyone dead but Hellboy & Frankenstein drinking in a luchadore bar. Frank tells Hellboy that he wasn't really a creation of the Mexican Evil Doctor...but was found by the guy in an carnival. He didn't remember where he came from...or where he was going. Hellboy, son of the devil, says" Amen brother!" THE END".

Greatest wrestling comic in the history of the world done by the greatest artist. It's true wrestling history.

It's publish by Dark Horse Comics & in hard cover. $16.99. Get it before they sue me. Next issue should be Hellboy vs Santos. What a match up!!

This should be the third Hellboy movie! Get del Toro ready.

Steve Yohe
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Steve Yohe

Joined: 01 Aug 2006
Posts: 3125
Location: Wonderful Montebello CA

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 10:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This was my first Hellboy comic experience. Since then I read & collect them. I'm a expert. Last year there was a new Hellboy movie.... not very good .... big disappointment....but it did have Hellboy wrestling Lucha style like above, but no Frank.

They actually finish the Hellboy story. He dies.....and goes to hell .... and kills his Uncle Satan as he sleeps ... with the major demons gone ... the lesser demons go nuts... and everything in hell isn't the same. The real world is attacks by monsters .... Hellboy return to fight with the humans --- but the world we know ends .... and the few people left are under the earth in caves, until they can make a comeback .... and Hellboy dies again. It's a wonderful little story. God never shows up or does anything. He is never part of the story. Lazy shit.--- Steve Yohe
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