BRUISER BRODY! bleeds half as much as DORY FUNK JR! EMLL! whips PROMO AZTECA!'S keister in this weeks tape watching with the 16 man Match of the FREAKIN year! and gear up to ball up your cyberfist and punch me in the virtual stomach as I pick the best of the half year!


WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #42! This is gonna be another weird one because it was a BIG BIG week of viewing and I also visited Phil Schneider- the man with the plan and ladies on hand.:) POGOPETE FINALLY sent the 16 man Cibernetica match and an heinieload of other Lucha oddities and I dove headlong into the UWFi that God's Favorite Poster (Mike Lorefice, who writes the Quebrada, which you should read and reread and I can't believe is for free right here on the internet) sent AND YES THERE HAS BEEN A ROB NEWLAND SPOTTING!. Let's get it on.


I watched the first two matches of this and then went the next morning up to see Phil and was in hopes of watching the rest with him. Bruiser Brodie goes well with the manly bachelor pad that is the crib of Phil. His ladies bring you drinks between peeling grapes for Phil and putting cigarettes in his big cigarette holder. Bruiser really rules in the first match- Dory Funk Jr from April 20, 1982 for the International Title. Very basic match, but Bruiser Brodie shows that he was the greatest brawler that ever lived by going to the mat with Dory Funk Jr bck when Funk was only in his early forties.:) He also hits a great dropkick and then they throw in a WHOLE lot of blood. Rudimentary by todays standards in terms of spectacular moves, but absolutely rock solid in terms of psychology and building to a hot (if confusing) ending. The second match was the Funks vs Brodie and Jimmy Snuka. This was a lot wilder as you can imagine, with Terry Funk and Brodie tearing up the entire arena. Snuka hits a springboard plancha YEARS before it was a required move to graduate from the Pwoer Plant.:) I'll hip y'all to the rest as I get to watching it. We left the Phil's Personal Player's Club to hit a kitschy Thai place that Phil knew about where they mix the drinks a little stiffer amd he could get a breather from all the ladies. He wanted to keep the location a secret so we drove around DC as Phil pretended to be lost- going as far as to ask for directions from assorted residents at one point. THAT KID!:)

EMLL- 5/3/97
Pete, after endless taunting and salting of wounds, finally sent me the MATCH of MATCHES. The 16 man Cibernetica match is freakin AWESOME. The beautiful part about this is that it wasn't an endless pageant of highspots- though when those kicked in it was the freakin fourth of July and Cinqo de Mayo rolled into one. The first twenty minutes of the 50+ minutes of the match was all mat work- and really cool lucha traditional matwork at that. The best was the Santo/Casas sections and the AWE-INSPIRING El Dandy/Black Warrior section, where Dandy gets ALL FIRED UP and hangs with the best matman of the new young luchadores. The duelling modified Dandino's are TO DIE FOR. Shocker ruled it on the mat and I never remember being impressed with his matwork before. Silver King and Brazo de Oro did an old school clinic on how to do a first Caida. Felino was all Japanese using hipper submission moves than Luchadores are want to use. Ultimo and Scorpio Jr square off and UD is UD so Scorpio can't hurt the proceedings. When the pinfalls kick in (Kevin Quinn goes first. U-S-A! U-S-A!), Shocker fearlessly hits the SUPER DOUBLE HELL TOPE that gets all vertical and lands him in the third row. The fact that Black Warrior is La Majistralled second was kind of a drag, but Dandy worked for it. The ending is superhot with Mascara Magica working over his head with Felino and then UD and Felino squaring off at the end as the last two. They do a Japanese-style nearfall cavalcade that builds this match of matches to the hot finish it deserves. Felino cries at the end and its just great. GET ALLLLLLLLLL THIS.

AAA/EMLL 5/26/97; 5/24/97; 5/31/97

Golly! I watched a whole bunch of wrestling from Pete this week and most of it KICKS ASS. Pete sent some current AAA and the more you know, the less you forgive. AAA bites it HARD these days and Jake Roberts and Deisel and Razor Ramone wrestling notLucha style is even more stomachturning. No Soccer Goats, No Mosco, No Venum, No nothin. Welcome to Mexican Hell, Mother Fu*ker. The EMLL had technico Felino on it and had- well...- EMLL on it, so it was pretty good. Shoot for the EMLL stuff on this.

PROMO AZTECA TV- 12/8/96; 1/5/97; 12/22/96; 1/12/97;

This was the mixed bag. Promo Azteca has a couple of youngsters that look pretty nifty- especially El Zorro and the FABULOUSLY goofy Super Elektra. The first match was great in that it is WIN, PLACE, and SHOW as goofiest wrestling match I've ever seen as Super Elektra, the way-too-green Tarzan Boy, and Angel Azteca pin Antifaz de Nord and two others in what was basically a college cheerleading pyramid. UNBELIEVABLY GREAT. Super Elektra does the most intricate comedy spots on earth in this baby. I wept.

PROMO AZTECA was also not afraid to dole out the crap as Cien Caras, Universo Dos Mil, and Mascara Ano 2000 reared their ugly, non-working heads not once, but TWICE! In one match Zorro tried to get Universo (the workingest of the bros.) to do some stuff but it wasn't enough. LaParka couldn't save the sucker when he was in with the Mexican Black Hole of Wrestling so the younger guys didn't have a chance to get anything out these over-as-hell, heat machine stiffs. VERY BAD. There was also a CRAPPY Juventud/Psicosis/ Pirata Morgan vs Tarzan Boy/Super Elektra/ Angel Azteca match, which I couldn't believe. It was the worst as they listlessly went from -well- nothing to nothing. I was confused and irritated by this match.

UWFi COMMERCIAL TAPES- 6/21/90; 11/30/94

I'm do these match by match.

-Anjo vs Minoru Suzuki: Yep. It's fixed when Minoru loses to freakin Anjo.
-Fujiwara vs Sayama: Sayama is fun in this. Fujiwara is a big nothing in this. YIPES!
-Yamazaki vs Funaki: This was GREAT! So Yamazaki used to REALLY be a dick.
-TAKADA VS MAEDA: JIMINY FREAKIN CRICKETS! This is about as good as it gets. Takada takes Maeda to the mat and tries to avoid Maeda's jumping kicks to the head. Maeda is SO cool in this. Almost as cool as Takada, who is quietly as stoic as anyone in All Japan.

-Sakuraba vs Miyato Yuko: This is a good match to see a young Sakuraba. You can tell he's the deal even as he is putting over the august shooter Yuko.
-Anjo vs Tsunemitsu Kanehara: I hate Anjo and this didn't help. Bad pants. Bad.
-Billy Scott vs Tatsuo Nakano: Nakano has REALLY great hair. Very reminiscent of the older fatter Elvis. Billy Scott is just creepy in those tiny peach pants. Disconcerting.
-Naoki Sano vs Takayama: I like Takayama because he takes yet still another beating like a man and Sano is all to willing to dish it out.
-Tamura vs Dan Severn: I hate Tamura even more than I hate Anjo. BEATS SEVERN ON POINTS!?!?!? This weasly punk?!? Who booked this shit?
-Tatsuo Yamazaki vs Masahito Kakihara: This was great. Kakihara gets all youthful and exuberant and does all these fast slaps and kicks at the beginning and by the end Yamazaki is tearing him a new one. DON'T GIVE AWAY THE SURPRISE ENDING!!
-Gary Allbright vs Nobuhiko Takada: Golly GEE! Allbright was great back when he was healthy. Allbright takes him to the mat and avenges the earlier loss by suplexing the fudge out of Nobuhiko Fonzarelli. GET ALLLLL THIS!


1. 16-man EMLL Cibernetico Match- SilverKing/ Doctor Wagner/ Felino/ Black Warrior/ El Hijo del Santo/ Satanico/ Kevin Quinn/ Scorpio Jr vs Shocker/ Dandy/ Negro Casas/ Fiero/ Brazo de Oro/ Ultimo Dragon/ Mascara Magica/ Atlantis
2. NEW JAPAN Ten Man Osaka Dome- Kanemoto/ Otani/ Togo/ Men's TEIOH/ Nakajima vs El Samurai/ Honaga/ Sasuke/ Hamada/ Delfin
3. Koji Kanemoto vs Jushin Thunder Liger
4. Misawa vs Kobashi for the Triple Crown
5. KAORU vs Akira Hokuto.

1. Koji Kanemoto
2. Jushin Thunder Liger
3. Akira Hokuto
4. Ultimo Dragon
5. Great Sasuke



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